Final Blog Post :/

I’ve had so much fun with this class over the course of the semester, I went from making my first GIF to a GIF portrait of one of my favorite artists. I was able to create cool layering and photo shop tricks to enhance my work. Professor Seslow was great at explaining the steps and really took time to make sure everyone was on the same page. 

My favorite assignment this semester was the Vapor-Wave theme. I’m not the most experienced in photo shop but I feel more confident with it after taking this class.  Vapor-Wave has always been an aesthetic that I found to be interesting and getting the opportunity to make my own is something I’ll remember this class for.

As for the grade I believe I deserve for this semester, I would say a “B” is appropriate. I realize that I have around 20 total posts and not 25+. However, I still feel like I walked away from this class with more knowledge on how to create my own different forms of media and that was the overall goal of the class. I enjoyed my time here, learning new things about media creation and ultimately making my own site. My website ( was mainly a photo blog for me to share some of my favorite photos I took, and also a place to post my assignments. I will be using this website in the future for sure, Thanks for a great semester.

Panoramic Bowling Alley

I tried out the Panoramic technique that was shown earlier in the semester when I went to the Chelsea Piers bowling alley. It’s a really cool effect that I’ll be doing a lot more from now on, I took this and posted it on my Instagram and a lot of people wanted to know where I was/ how I did this.

Making Me Happy Post

I’ve always been drawn to anime, since I was a little kid I remember watching epic fights with more mature character and story development. This was mind blowing to me because I didn’t expect that amount of depth coming from a cartoon. I got joy from watching story arcs come to a climax, and I admired the creators attention to detail when foreshadowing plot points that would come into play later on. Some shows that have been making me happy have been Re: Zero, Devilman Crybaby, Tokyo Ghoul, and Death Note just to name a few. Everyone has their choice of entertainment and this is one of mine.

Aloe Vera Education

While I was down in Aruba, one of the stops on the tour was to go to their Aloe base. They grow and produce all kinds of Aloe Vera products. They gave a mini lesson on all aloe properties and uses, even gave away some free stuff like lotions, soap and lip balm.

My Thanksgiving

I took this photo while on Thanksgiving break in Aruba. Ended up on somewhat of a hike during the tour and I was able to capture this. There was a volcano in the distance, cacti and huge boulders covered in shrubs.

Time Fragment

Time Fragment/Homage to the Masters by Henry Schiowitz. Raised in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Schiowitz began sculpting at the age of 13 and even had his first exhibition by the age of 15. After graduating high school he traveled to Italy to apprentice in using bronze and marble. When describing his time there Schiowitz said working in that environment gave him an adrenaline rush. This sculpture is him paying tribute to sculptors before him, since this is an enlarged version of Michelangelo’s David sculptures head. Even how the art is placed is a homage to Constantin Brancusi’s Head of a Sleeping Child. It took 3 years and over a dozen artisans to complete. This piece can be found at the Sculpture Garden of the Jim Kempner Art Gallery on 501 West 23rd Street, but hurry this is the last month it will be on display.

Soul of a Nation Impressions

The exhibition was originated in London by the Tate Modern, but since arriving in New York it has been well received. Curated by Ashley James, the exhibit will be open to all visitors until February 3rd. I recommend visiting the museum sometime, it has some really cool pieces and explores African American culture. During a time where they chose to use their artwork as a mirror to reflect their surroundings.

Wall of Respect

The Wall of Respect is a collaborative effort with artists such as photographers and painters coming together to create a mural of leaders and stars within the black community. From 1967-1971 it was located on 43rd street and Langley Avenue in Chicago’s south side area. The wall became a hub for people looking to share poetry, music, public performances and readings as well. During this time inequality was rampant, so these artists are honored here for trying to make a difference through their forms of expression.