Black Prince

Black Prince by Wadsworth Jarrell is an acrylic painting on canvas of Malcolm X. Created in 1971, the painting was inspired by a photograph taken of the late civil rights activist in Harlem. Towards the bottom of the painting you can also see little excerpts from past Malcolm X speeches. Jarrell went to the Art Institute of Chicago, he also spent time involved with the Organization of Black American Culture helping to create The Wall of Respect. Ultimately going on to become the co-founder of AfriCOBRA in 1968.


Revolutionary by Wadsworth Jarrell is an acrylic piece that is apart of a mixed media collection. The painting showcases Jarrell’s vibrant “Kool-aid” style on political activist and professor Angela Davis. During this time Davis was on the run with a warrant out for her arrest, it was in connection to the death of a prison guard. She was later found not guilty after being tried in 1972. In a time where people of color were fighting for their voice, she used hers and the painting captures that.



Soul of a Nation

So I went to the Brooklyn Museum’s Soul of a Nation exhibit yesterday and was able to get shots of some cool artwork to put on this blog.

End of the Year

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The semester is coming to an end and for some it’s a vacation, while others have more work ahead. I see this as a time to reflect on everything you’ve done over the semester and not just school. We should look how far we’ve come and how far we want to go as the semester comes to a close with the year right behind it.

Soul of a Nation Incoming ^^^


Tomorrow I’ll be going to the Brooklyn Museum to take photos of the Soul of a Nation exhibit as a final project for my photojournalism class. I’ll be posting my favorite photos for the day on here as well. The showcase focuses on an artistic revolution within the African American community from the 1960’s to the mid 1980’s and I’m excited to see what they have in store.

LilUziVert GIF Portrait

Here’s is one of my favorite artists out at the moment, Lil Uzi. I’ve been listening for about 4 years now and it’s pretty cool to see his style evolve over time. Making this GIF was tedious af though but satisfying to finish.

Panoramic Twin

So we tried a new camera trick out in class today… THE PANORAMIC. At first it felt kind of funny because I had to wait until I was out of frame to move and sneak behind my partner. All in all it was a cool experience though, definitely going to try to use this feature more often.

Vapor-Wave Initial


This is my first time creating Vapor-wave visuals and I had a lot of fun dong so. It’s definitely the kind of aesthetic that I go for personally and it leaves a lot of room for creativity. I’m sure I’ll end up uploading a few more of these over the semester.